Hey girl, what man do you like?

What sort of man do most girls prefer? Yeah, I do have no idea (smile). How can I know? God knows! (blink) That is why I feel what my teacher told me so exciting. Well, she said, as I remember, that:

When a girl is at the age of 18, the first question she think or the first thing she wanna know could be: “What is he like?” – she wonder whether he is handsome, clever or tall …well, I wonder what I look like in my female friends’ eyes (thoughtful)

How about being at the age of 25? Well, she could firstly thinks: “Who is he?” – Is he millionaire or billionaire, the rich or poor, successul or unsuccessful man? … hixhix, poor me (cry)

On the other hand, when she is 30 yrs old, her first thought about a man could be: “How is he?” – Is he kind, loyal or faithful? …Yeah, that’s me :)) (laugh)

And at 35th age, the first question in her mind could be: “Where is he?” American or Laos? Koria or Cambodia? …OMG, how about Vietnamese 😦 (sad)

Are they mostly right? (wink) I do not have any idea. God knows. Anyway, I think it’s fun to think of them. Well, maybe I’ll look for “a half of myself” at the age of 30 :)) …terrific, joking joking ;-)…I hardly guess what my future looks like…noone but God knows…what will be will be. Yup, keep on enjoying my life! (smile)


2 phản hồi to “Hey girl, what man do you like?”

  1. leilale Says:

    moi chung do tuoi ma da lo rui,hehe

  2. thaolieu Says:

    😀 Beauty is different in the eyes of different individuals. In your eyes, you may not be handsome, but she may think differently. Don’t worry! “Rich or poor” is a question of incompetent females. If she is independent, that’s not gonna be a problem unless you’re lazy (that’s a REAL BIG problem). I have no question that all men are unfaithful, it’s just a matter of time and opportunities. It’s not your choice, it’s in your nature. (You may think being faithful is good and want to be faithful, but can you do it … for life?) By the way, I am 26.

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