One-way Love

One-way Love

One-way love’s like a single wing
Happy with it…my first feeling
A new thing I have ever owned
A new change be inside my soul

But reality is always real
Real and harsh to hurt what I feel
Losing a wing a bird can’t fly
And with one wing cannot I fly

I’m happy but in little time
My darling is not by my side
Oh my dear…I can’t fly with you
On the sky you’re flying with whom

Alone I’m going on my feet
On streets without my single wing
And keep looking for a real love
By two wings I’ll fly with my love


P/S: wonder whether what I have just composed is a poem .


2 phản hồi to “One-way Love”

  1. Nothingelse Says:

    Minor typo mistake: Birb -> bird but it’s a beautiful poem, isn’t it?
    You are a real talent anyway hehehe

  2. Nothingelse Says:

    Check it out

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